the batman

the Batman is a television show on wb.

Main characterEdit

bruce is known as the batman wich is his indentety, when bruce whas young he was happy as everbefore, he went to movies with his mother and father they played indoors when it whas raining.One day when they were going to a show a robbery shot his perents and spared bruse, bruse was seeking revenge , thats when he became known as the batman.


Altote of poeple dont respect batman , because his alwase keeping himself hidden like his some kind of criminal, some think hes going to hard on villains it seems like when he captures criminals it seems like hes going to kill them , thats why more vilains are scared of batman then anyother. His sykick robin the first dosn't seems like hes getting along with batman, hes allwase bothering him, under an expierement,but the good thing they get along is fighting crimes.